Lia Spaulding is a recent graduate of graphic design and webpage design in Madison, WI.
Cover of tide pool book

Tide Pool Creatures

In this hand-crafted Artists’ Book, human emotions are personified as defense mechanisms of the ocean creatures. Format of book as encased boxes emphasizes this theme. Hand-written scientific tags identify each creatures defense mechanism.

Top box: Crab- “My hard exterior protects my soft underbelly.” Starfish- “I blend into my background.” Snailshell- “I hide inside my shell.”

Middle Box: Sea anemones- “If you get too close, I will sting you.” Mussels- “I latch onto things to help me during hard times.”

Bottom box: Pearl shell- “I keep my pearl inside.”

Media: Bookboard, book cloth, paint paste medium, acrylic paint, sculptey clay.


Cover of tide pool book